What is Herbalife24?

Herbalife24 is a performance nutrition line consisting of seven premium products designed to meet the nutritional needs of the 24-hour athlete, and anyone who lives a healthy, active lifestyle.

When will the new product line be available for purchase?

The five products available are the Formula 1 Sport, Hydrate, Prolong, Rebuild Endurance and Rebuild Strength. Prepare and Restore are still in the development phase.

What will happen to Herbalife Energy and Fitness products?

For the foreseeable future, the current Herbalife® Energy and Fitness products will remain available for purchase.

How do the products in this line differ from existing Herbalife® products?

While the Herbalife24 line was developed to accommodate the specific nutritional needs of our sponsored professional sports teams and athletes, Herbalife24 products can be used by all athletes.

Do any of the Herbalife24 products contain artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners?

No. We have taken enormous efforts to formulate the entire US Herbalife24 line without the use of artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. All the products are naturally sweetened for a mild, palatable taste.

Do any products in the Herbalife24 line contain soy or gluten protein?

No. All protein-containing products in the Herbalife24 line are formulated exclusively with combinations of purified milk, casein and whey protein.

Do the products contain any fillers or low-quality proteins?

No, there are no fillers. We’ve selected every ingredient for a functional purpose, using only high-quality dairy-protein isolates and concentrates.

Why does the Herbalife24 product line contain dairy protein and not soy?

For years, many of the professional teams and athletes we sponsor have requested Herbalife products to be formulated with dairy protein. We are also responding to the requests of distributors, who cite the growing number of customers looking for alternatives to soy, hence why we recently released the dairy, soy, and gluten Allergen-Free Formula 1.
Thus, Formula 1 Sport is not only a line extension of the classic Formula 1 series, it’s also designed to be a healthy meal for athletes. While soy protein isolate is a great source of high-quality protein that supports heart health, the products in the Herblife24 line use a combination of whey and casein proteins for rapid and sustained amino acid release - which is perfect for athletes looking to build lean muscle.

Is dairy protein better for athletes?

Dairy proteins, consisting of whey and casein, are digested and absorbed at different rates. Whey protein is quickly digested, while casein is more slowly digested. Athletes benefit by consuming rapid- and sustained-protein sources immediately after exercise to help replenish muscle protein, which is why dairy protein is a perfect protein for this application. The combination of whey and casein provides an immediate and sustained release of amino acids, which is great for active people looking to support lean muscle mass.

What are the flavors and forms of the products in the line?

Formula 1 Sport – 30 servings, powder canister, Creamy Vanilla
Hydrate – 20 stick packs, Tangerine Citrus
Prolong – 15 servings, powder canister, Subtle Lemon
Rebuild Endurance – 20 servings, powder canister, Vanilla
Rebuild Strength – 20 servings, powder canister, Chocolate

Are the products Kosher?

We did not develop the Herbalife24 product line to meet Kosher certification standards.

Are the products safe for teenage athletes?

Absolutely. The nutrient levels have been assessed for safety and appropriateness for teenagers age 14 and above. As with all users, teenagers are encouraged to adhere to serving size and daily consumption recommendations posted on the individual product labels.

Should all powder products in the line be mixed with water?

Hydrate and Prolong were designed to be mixed with water. Formula 1 Sport, Rebuild Endurance, and Rebuild Strength were designed to be mixed with either water or milk, depending on the preference of the user.

Can the Herbalife24 line be mixed or stacked with the weight management products? For example: Can an everyday user take the Nutritional Shake Mix 1 in the morning, and then Formula 1 Sport for lunch?

Yes, absolutely. But be conscious that although certain products in the line are suitable for both athletes and everyday users alike, some products, like Prolong, are specifically formulated for highly active individuals and therefore, are not intended for use by people that are not active.

I'm a professional athlete. Do any Herbalife24 products contain ingredients banned by anti-doping agencies?

None of the ingredients in our products are on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) banned substance list. Herbalife goes the extra distance by taking a sample from each batch of Herbalife24 products that are then tested by the Banned Substances Control Group for ingredients of concern.