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Thermojetics 100g


Thermojetics Herbal Concentrate is an invigorating herbal tea which has been designed to provide a healthier alternative to traditional tea, coffee or soft drinks. Containing antioxidant-rich green tea, these teas also contain herbs such as lemon-peel extract which also have potent antioxidant properties. Antioxidants offer the body protection from damaging free-radical activity which is thought to lead to accelerated ageing and a weakened immune system. Free radical activity can be caused by everyday environmental factors such as pollution, exercise and cigarette smoke. Taken hot or cold, this refreshing herbal beverage is an ideal source of fluids that are essential in any weight control program. Thermojetics Herbal Concentrate aids in controlling your appetite and cravings. Supports the digestion process and helps the body eliminate stored fat.

Fast Facts

Helps maintain and improve alertness.
Contains around 6kcal per serving.
With tea extracts to revitalise; helping to make you feel more energetic.
Enjoy hot or cold for a refreshing drink.


Drink liberally (6 - 8 glasses per day) between and with meals. Mix a level teaspoon with either hot or cold water, tea or diluted fruit juice.