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Nutritional Shake Sachet
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Our nutritional shake mix in an ultra-convenient sachet. In today's busy lifestyle make sure you have a sachet of your favourite nutritional meal with you.

Available in Vanilla flavour, each sachet represents a single serving size of Nutritional Shake Mix - no need for a scoop or a spoon! It's hygienic, simply mix with skim milk! The formula of the sachets and cannisters are exactly the same, the product has just been packed in a sachet for your convenience.

Fast Facts

A meal replacement for weight-control and healthy nutrition.
Each serving (made with milk) provides approximately 17 grams of protein helping to
keep the body's protein requirements balanced, thus minimising muscle wastage
during periods of weight-control.
Low in calories, only 217 kcal per serving.
Low in saturated and unsaturated fat.
Provides high quality dietary fibre.
Easy to prepare.
Can assist you drop those centimetres as well as kilos.


Blend two heaped tablespoons of the shake with 250ml skim milk to create a balanced meal in a glass. To really treat your taste buds, try adding your favourite fruit and ice.
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