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Herbalife24 Prolong


During extended or intense exercise, Prolong provides a dual-source carbohydrate blend for immediate and sustained energy. Bioavailable electrolytes help support muscle contraction and maintain a properly functioning cellular environment, while whey protein isolate helps reduce muscle breakdown, speeding recovery time. All with a subtle, easy-to-drink flavor.

Fast Facts

Sustain performance with dual-source carbohydrates, protein and sodium.
With protein to support muscle synthesis and recovery.
B vitamins, including B1 and B12, support energy metabolism.
100% RDA of vitamin C helps combat free radicals.
Isotonic formula for efficient carbohydrate and fluid uptake.

Who needs Herbalife24 Prolong?

Triathlete completing a combined bike-to-run workout or on race day.
Cyclist on a 4-hour training ride.
Swimmer completing a morning workout.
Football player player during training or competition.
Working professional with physically demanding job requirements.


Add 4 level scoops (60 g) to 250 ml of water, shake vigorously, then add a further 250 ml to make a 500 ml serving. Drink one bottle (500 ml) per hour during physical activity.

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