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NRG Instant Guarana Beverage


Most of us are leading a busy, stressful lifestyle, surviving on fast foods and irregular meals, or reducing our calorie intake in an attempt to lose weight. This means the body is working with less fuel (calories), so energy levels may be compromised. Nature's Raw Guarana has a long history of use by the rainforest Indians in the Amazon Basin. It reduces fatique and stress, reduces appetite and can help you cope with extreme heat. Highly suitable for students writing exams as an aid in mental alertness. This gentle, natural herb will give you all the spirited and refreshing attributes you'll need to improve your day. It is the perfect addition to a busy lifestyle. Sip a hot cup of Herbalife's N-R-G tea to start your day, or try it

Fast Facts

Offers a long-lasting invigorating lift.
Gentle and natural, no added caffeine.
Contains guarana - a naturally milder form of caffeine.


Drink NRG Instant Guarana Beverage any time for a refreshing drink. Mix a ½ teaspoon with 180 ml of hot or cold water.