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Herbal Complex
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Want to get rid of dimpled skin? Excess body fluid can contribute to the appearance of dimpled skin and bloating. Herbal Complex is designed to help improve the appearance of dimpled skin by helping the body regain its natural water balance and aiding the elimination process of waste when taken with adequate water each day. This unique product also helps to keep your nutrients in balance by re-supplying essential nutrients that have been 'flushed out'. Water-soluble nutrients, such as Vitamin C cannot be stored in the body long term and therefore need to be replaced regularly.

Fast Facts

Helps your body regain normal water balance.
Contains potassium which contributes to water balance.
Provides magnesium - necessary for electrolyte balance.
Needs to be taken with a generous intake of 2 to 2.5 litres of water a day.


Take 1 tablet three times a day before each meal.