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Cell Activator
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Poor diet, poor digestion or high levels of stress can contribute to fatique and lowered resistance. Cell Activator is a food supplement that helps your body's cells perform at its best by aiding the absorption and assimilation of essential nutrients and maintaining energy stores so you get the most nutritional benefit out of your food.

It provides botanical herbs to support the body's capacity to cope with stress. Contains Vitamins B1, B2 and B6; essential for the body's energy production and shitake mushrooms; rich in B-complex vitamins. It also contains chlorella, a green algae, considered to be one of the most nutritious plants with cleansing properties. So, taken daily, it can help ensure you're getting the nutritional value your body deserves.

What if you're already taking a multivitamin and mineral product?

Even though you may be carefully managing your dietary intake, and include a multivitamin and mineral supplement, other factors in your lifestyle may be making demands on your body's supply of nutrients. For instance, stress uses up B-vitamins, often resulting in fatique. Cell Activator helps to optimise the way your body uses nutrient stores, and also tops up specific nutrients that a busy lifestyle can deplete. Specific nutrients, particularly B-vitamins, act as catalysts before food can be converted into usable energy.

Fast Facts

Helps to convert food to energy.
Rich in B vitamins (B1, B2 and B6) to help convert food to fuel and help support energy
Contains copper, an essential trace element to support energy production.


Take 2 tablets three times a day.